Shortly after emergence, and at any subsequent stage or growth
Curated by Elle Loui August and Dexter Edwards

Shortly after emergence, and at any subsequent stage or growth is a composite presentation of material developed by students within the framework of the paper ‘Modern Writing and Critical Thinking’. This paper is written and led by poet and academic Lisa Samuels, and it explores theories and practices of writing and criticality in academic, civic, and artistic contexts in order to consider the scripts that organise literate social practices. At its heart are questions of how we navigate, are affected by, and transform our immersive world of signs, and how we construe and read literary and non-literary texts for different purposes.

One key term of this paper is Samuels’ concept of ‘Liquid Writing’, which denotes imaginative responses of the writing subject/s that form passages through a variety of experiential and ideational texts and contexts. This term has been extended to a consideration of the visual, conceptual and physical dimensions of expanded fine arts practice with the assistance of curator and writer Elle Loui August.

Contributions by Matthew Aitken, Desirée Albuquerque, Tempany Appleton, Meredith Brocklebank, Elisha Chye, Lucy Clarke, Irene Corbett, Sophie Dodd, Darnielle Donnelly, Juliet Ede, Sienna Edmondson, Georgia Edwards, Naomi Valaulu Faautaga, Cassandra Fellows, Samuel Hagen, Eliza Jackson Kearns, Tessa Johnston, Phoebe Joiner, Jaswinder Kaur, Bridget Keene, Frances Kubiak, Louise Mark-Brown, Jessica Marshall, Zachary Martin, Lillian Matthews, Emma McEvoy, Sam Mills, Kevin Najaidee, Harley Ofoia, Antony Palmer, Anjula Prakash, Kendal Rea, Rachel Roberts, Zech Soakai, Tracy Solea, Luke Sweeney, Raewyn Tan, Theresa Tietie, Jesse Tipace, Jamie Trower, Sophie van Waardenberg, Brianna Vincent, Celeste Volschenk, Emily Walker, Chi Liam Wan, Kirsty Wyllie

Wall rendering by Maximillian Quy

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