Kimmi Rindel & Vanessa Crofskey

Clinical studies have shown that light therapy improves your quality of life, and capitalism is the worst.

Wellbeing Analysis Techniques Limited™, co-directed by Kimmi Rindel and Vanessa Crofskey, is an organisation (and arts collective) that examines the industry of wellness through arts practice, satire and genuine belief in alternative therapies.

DAILY EXPOSURE [onsite] is a newly constructed Concept Clinic that will deliver light therapy to those affected by the weather, boosting the University of Auckland's melatonin in lieu of budget increases for the arts and for healthcare

It transforms the space of the gallery, a window, into an open access platform for general public use.

The clinic is open for use from Mon – Wed, 12.30 – 3pm.
Hosted by Light Therapy Support Assistant, Mya Maree Cole.

STRANGE ISLANDS ONLINE [online] is a digital exhibition that follows the accrual of wellbeing knowledge and myth through assorted text and image, documenting Auckland's weather climate through visual diagrams and sound.

Both works involve sound tracks by artist Jms Rsby.

DAILY EXPOSURE and STRANGE ISLANDS ONLINE launch Wednesday 18 July, 6pm. Light snacks and refreshments provided.