a word was itself a

terrestrial, creeping,

branched at intervals,

densely clothed


a step ahead of

hearing, clandestine

in the nuclei

and without moving them about

bands formed themselves

sliding out of all responsibility


who knows anything at all

(black out shape)

who stapled a string to the books

spine and lowered it into



taking hold

of something

downcast eyes

mingled, fused.


I’ve always felt

the world

Notices everything

everything strange

and so funny in many ways

As amusing as instructive

rolled up,

rolled over

covered with grass and clover

and the sea

seeing few people

shortly after emergence

and at any subsequent

stage or growth,

plains flow with sunlight.

Moving the river enters clouds

as they cross the mountains.

I suppose

you consider

I refuse

give up any of my

aromatic motives

petty powers

trees, soup or shrubs.

intellectual advantages

as well as the obvious linguistic ones

have thrashed Property now.




kept going

To force things to happen

which are acceptable

This material

(over) earth

at this moment collapsed

as one of the most significant contributions

that responded to every press of the finger

life realised,

goin’ wit me

In chronologically commenced nakedness

Hiding future time

And modelling prosaic

fair-minded ideals

set up for every



You can use it.

All and a fragment

the scales of peculiarties and habits

I tried shouting again

To hear my own voice

“Accused, stand up. What is your name?”