You Weren’t Built To Be Build Ups
Serene Timoteo

You weren’t built to give up
You weren’t built to not finish the race
You weren’t built to not get back up
You weren’t built to cut corners
You weren’t built to accept failure
You weren’t built to stay down

Serene Timoteo is an Auckland based artist of Samoan descent who completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) at Elam in 2014. Using plastic materials sourced from local emporiums and phrases coined by local youth, her works examine the relationships between language and materials and use these to explore identity. For this piece, Serene acknowledges a common phrase used by Pacific youth in a vibrant and positive way. Approaching the end of her undergraduate degree, this phrase has become a source of encouragement for the artist but also a truth she wishes to share with others: You weren’t built to be build ups, but you were built for a purpose and you were built to last.


Image Credit: Sam Hartnett