"We didn't feel like ourselves"
David Ed Cooper

A message from the artist:

"I intend to make more of these fantasy sports portraits over the coming year. In the process, I might learn something about how we define and consume culture. However, it is likely that they will fade into the grey - obscured by the saturated languages of art and advertising. I couldn't ask for more."

David Ed Cooper’s paintings are a part of an ongoing, changing exercise of time-space compression. Fiction and non-fiction ideas are constructed, borrowed, abandoned, mourned and removed. What remains are fleeting traces of these interactions, ghosts of future memories, actions and events, occupying a static moment in time before something has begun, or after it has ended.

Marks are made with watercolours and inks, painted onto the active side of a sheet of adhesive film, which is then adhered to paper or glass. The result is an opaque painting that appears to be something concrete, something expected, but in actual fact occupies a duality of plane. It sits both in front of and in reverse of the surface of the canvas.


Photos: Sam Hartnett