Strange Arrangement
Billie Popovic

“It is always from the depths of its impotence that each power center draws its power, hence their extreme maliciousness, and vanity”
– Gilles Deleuze, Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia

In the afterglow of recent debate about the national trade hub, Ports Of Auckland Waitemata Harbour, this site is ripe for re-imagination.

This is not an architectural project, however it uses the language of one in order to have a conversation about fantasy, ontology and the power of interior design as a fine art medium.

“Ambience architecture” is a term that refers to the process of the production of a specific mood, vitality or affect. The creator works with an interest in intensifying the vitality of a particular place or social entity.

Billie Popovic lives and works in Auckland. Recent exhibitions include ‘I don’t have to sell my soul / you’re already in me’ with Gloria Knight at Spring 1883 (Melbourne, August 2014); solo exhibition Personal Hero at Plaza, May 2014 and Everyday Backwash curated by Henry Davidson at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, April 2014.

Music by The Veils, Sun Gangs