Roadkill Cat Rug
Daniel Strang

Roadkill Cat Rug consists of headlines and quotations taken from human-interest stories from the website of the daily centre-right newspaper the New Zealand Herald.

The original articles utilized were generally sourced from overseas news services rather than written by New Zealand Herald journalists and featured cat-killers, celebrity cats, cat theatres, cat-politicians, surfing cats, even Larry the unloved cat belonging to the current Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Here the ubiquitous cat-video is stripped back until it exists only as phrases, becoming dead-pan and revealing the banality and absurdity beneath the click-bait.

Daniel Strang graduated with a Masters in MediArts in Moving Image from Wintec in 2008. Since then he has been based in Auckland working in photography, film and video. Group exhibitions include May I Admire You? (Symonds Street, 2010) and Hosanna (St Kevin’s Arcade, 2011).

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