decorative orchards
George Watson

subterranean fruits and distorted harvests, dark ecologies forming in the backyards of grey lynn rental properties, flowers permeating bodies, alien fermentations, morning glory growing through walls, crawling over garden beds, vegetation losing all moderation and becoming insane

a molecular, non hierarchical language, textural, necessarily incomplete, partial words half formed thoughts bubbling and rising to the surface, a disorder to destroy all meaning

life as relentlessly generative, no essential summary of its parts; only ongoing moments and empty centers, a palette laden with affects, subjectivities that exceed capture, that occur in surplus to all descriptions

Born in Tūranganui-a-Kiwa, Aotearoa, George Watson currently lives in Auckland and has recently completed an MFA at Elam School of Fine Arts. She is interested in contemporary art, critical theory, poetry and ficto-criticsm and the roles that these disciplines play in collectively reimagining and re-shaping ways of being in and engaging with the world. Her research interests currently lie in the fields of feminist theory and decolonising methodologies, as well as in recent turns in speculative fiction, new materialism, post-humanism and affect theory.