Black Market
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Informal economy as described by economics anthropologist, M. Estellie Smith, is to do with productive systems that engage people in the labour, circulation, and consumption of goods and services, largely outside the ken of the government (1). With unpaid internships, higher unemployment rates and soft market conditions in recent years, the invisible minority within the creative industry have forged and strived toward production by way of informality. Employing both physical and immaterial labor, Black Market exemplifies a peregrination between margins increasingly governed and surveilled for the digital economy.

(1) Smith, M. Estellie. “The Informal Economy.” Economic Anthropology. Stanford, CA: Stanford UP, 1989. 292. Print.

Black Market features works by Selena Gerzic, Oliver Gilbert, Ayesha Green, Joanna Neumegen, Sorawit Songsataya. Website developed by Joel Cocks.

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