Tom Hinton & Matt Beamish

838383 is a result of online correspondence between Tom Hinton and Matt Beamish who have been communicating via email between the UK and New Zealand.

Tom Hinton ordered a pizza from the UK for Matt Beamish to pick up from the Auckland Pizza Hut. The process of picking up the pizza and floating the pizza out to sea at Karaka Bay is documented. Karaka bay is believed to be one of the locations where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in Tamaki during 1840.

In exchange Matt Beamish ordered a pizza to the Kidderminster Pizza Hut in the UK for Tom Hinton to pick up. The process of picking up the pizza and floating the pizza into the Kidderminster Lock on the Staffordshire Canal is documented. The canal system links the River Severn with the Black Country and Birmingham. By 1840 the factory town of Kidderminster had developed into one of the most important industrial centres in Britain.

The action is an offering, which references the scattering of ashes or a Lei out to sea.

Thomas Hinton holds a Masters from Elam, 2012. Hinton has been exhibiting in both the UK and NZ regularly since 2008. Recent shows include, RE: 400 2014 Pilot, Expanded Map 2013 RM Gallery, Thirty-Four Hundred 2012 Snake Pit, Indiglo Hour 2011 Maraetai. In 2010, Hinton was awarded the Arts Purchase Prize and was a finalist of the Waikato Art Award 2013.

Matt Beamish is an Auckland based artist and completing his Masters at Elam in 2012. Recent shows include, Untitled 2013 Ozlyn, Thirty-Four Hundred 2012 Snake Pit, Kirsten Scott Thomas 2011 Snake Pit, Indiglo Hour 2012 Maraetai.

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